Patient Reviews

Experience Personalized Care & Attention

Siri offers incredibly supportive, thoughtful and well rounded care. She takes time before beginning each session to understand my needs and offer thoughtful, effective treatments. Through our work together, Siri has helped reduce the severity and frequency of chronic tension headaches and provided truly compassionate and supportive care before, during and after my first pregnancy. She truly is an expert in her field who cares deeply about her patients.
— Alex S.

Pain Management & Relief

Siri is great; she was truly interested and patient while I relayed my history (which is quite long & involved) & was encouraging about how accupuncture could help my lower back & hamstring pain symptoms. She listens to my progress report each time & she involves me in the treatment. I have had excellent results & am feeling much better!
— Shelley R.

I have been seeing Siri for physical ailments – sore and too tight muscles, neck and lower back pain; allergies (herbal medicine has been wonderful for this) – and have had amazing results. Siri is excellent at making you feel comfortable and really delves into understanding what is going on in your body so she can create a treatment plan tailored to you and results you hope to achieve. I would highly recommend making an appointment with Siri if you are in pain and don't want to manage it with over the counter drugs and medications and want to heal naturally (she offers free consultations). Make some time to take care of yourself and let Siri help you do just that!
— Christine P.

Siri is Amazing! I've had neck and shoulder pain for the past 10 years. With Siri's help I am able to play tennis again and pick up my kids without pain. For the first time in years!! Thank you so much!
— Eric S.

Literally, the best treatments I have ever received are from Siri. She was able to treat and rid me of a terrible migraine.
— Noah M.C.

Digestive Disorders

Acupuncturist Siri Michel has helped me through many ailments over the years: from getting my seasonal allergies and sinus congestion under control, to aiding my gut and digestive health, to helping me with pain management and relief (muscle spasms, sports injuries, etc.). Siri has a wealth of knowledge and has taught me a lot about myself and listening to my body, and she is always continuing to learn new techniques and modalities to improve and add to the ways she can help her clients. It’s amazing what acupuncture can do for one’s health but not all acupuncturists are the same. Siri has a gentle approach and always makes sure you are comfortable and well cared for.
— Christine P.

I used to have digestive issues that left me feeling awful for days on end. I didn't want to go out, I didn't want to see people. And my sleeping habits were terrible. I was exhausted and uncomfortable. Now I have so much more energy, less stress, and my digestion is the best it's been in years. Siri has gone above and beyond for me and changed my life in ways I didn't think possible.
— Sarah C.

I've been working with Siri over the last eight months. I cannot say enough good things about her expertise, compassion, and knowledge. She has helped me with everything from achy muscles from overtraining to disruptive sleep patterns, anxiety, and poor digestion. She uses a variety of techniques to suit individual needs including: acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, meditation, herbal remedies, and moxabustion. I always feel such a wonderful release rejuvenation after every session.
— Stephanie L.